December 2012 News |

Dear Writers & Friends -

I first want to thank each of your for your loyalty to our service, and helping deliver the most spectacular season we've seen to date for the TV Writers Vault. 2 original series on-air were discovered and produced from our Creators and Producers, airing on Discovery Channel, SYFY, Velocity, OLN, UKTV, and other global broadcasts ("Saw Dogs" and "Deals From The Darkside"). We are the first and ONLY website in TV history to deliver concepts to producers in the television industry that made it to production and air.  

This month has seen the busiest period of activity for producers reviewing show ideas at our site the entire year. Industry members came back from summer holiday and hit it hard to find new projects for development. We've had dozens of Contact Requests from major companies contacting our writing members, and a few with production deals pending at this moment. We anticipate this activity to continue through the new year, and await word on another project ordered to series by a network. The most recent companies scouting our database for projects include; Jupiter Entertainment ("Secret Millionaire", "Wife Swap"), Buck Productions ("Deals From The Darkside", "Saw Dogs"), Station3 ("Gardens of the Night"), RelativityREAL ("Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"), Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Smash Media ("Last Man Standing"), Thunderball Films ("Zodiak: The Real Story"), STARZ (Lionsgate, IFC), Michael Levy Enterprises ("Article 99"), Madrik Multimedia ("Crab Wars", "Hangover Haul"), CBS. Congratulations to our recent members receiving Contact Requests from Producers pursuing their projects during the past month.

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With multiple shows produced and aired globally after being discovered at our site, we hope you'll take advantage of the opportunity our service brings to new Writers and Creators in the TV industry.

Yours Truly,
Scott Manville
President | The Television Writers Vault

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