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Dear Writers & Friends -

I would like to first send a hearty "thank you!" for all of the positive support you've given the TV Writers Vault over the years. We've now seen how belief in our system of connecting new Writers and Creators with the many Producers wanting fresh ideas has fueled what is certainly a renaissance period in the system of Hollywood. You helped us become the first TV industry website to deliver an "Idea" from a person outside of Hollywood, to successful production and global television broadcast, and that happened for multiple projects and people. Without your participation, that milestone would not have come to be. Through the TV Writers Vault, the Television Industry's development process is now truly an open market like never before. As such, we've seen a deeper commitment by the Industry sourcing new projects from the site with more clarity in knowing that ANYONE can have that winning idea. And they want it! So congratulations to the believers, and those dedicated to creating inspired and compelling concepts.

More immediately, we're very excited to know that A&E has a Pilot order in the works on a project discovered at the TV Writers Vault. Its hush-hush as they move to Production, but we're looking forward to their announcement, and our ability to share more details about another client we're so proud of.

From the start of this new year we've seen 14 writers get discovered by Producers pursuing their projects after reviewing their show ideas at the site, with 3 Producing deals pending. This is a result of hundreds of project reviews given to members who pitched new show ideas. Its a very promising start to the year, and we anticipate another run of production orders for shows in 2013.

In the spirit of bringing you exclusive insider knowledge and information, we'll be delivering a few new interviews with key industry executives in the world of reality TV this month, so stay tuned. You don't want to miss it.

Be sure to check out our recent discussions with OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network's Sr. VP of Development and Programming.

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With multiple shows produced and aired globally after being discovered at our site, we hope you'll take advantage of the opportunity our service brings to new Writers and Creators in the TV industry.

Yours Truly,
Scott Manville
President | The Television Writers Vault

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