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Dear Writers & Friends -

The TV Writers Vault is in full swing for Spring, as we've become the first Industry website with series brought to Air- A first in the merging of new media and television. This means more exposure for your projects, and more projects to be sold. I urge all of our Writing Members to take advantage of the intensified focus our marketplace is getting from the industry, and get new projects into the mix. Here's a breakdown of the types of projects being scouted the heaviest:

Docu-Style Reality Series that explore unique environments, businesses, professions, lifestyles, families, travel, music, pop-culture. High Concept Reality Series that bring new twists to current successful series' (not spin-offs, but variations of the formats that work). And every Producer's dream... a break-out Gameshow format that can become an international hit franchise. Those are the types of project most scouted and sold.

Here's a bit of info on creating pitches for docu-style series. And some fundamental info on creating Reality Show Concepts, and Game Show Formats.
When writing your concepts, I want to urge all of you to focus on detailing what we're actually watching, instead of getting bogged down in pitching "why" the show is great, or other extra details that "sell" the show, but don't "show" the show. Producers want to read a pitch and SEE what the show can potentially be. Writers who are connecting with Producers through our site know from those conversations how Producers zoom right in on what we're actually going to see in the show. Many conversations fall apart when the producer says, "so the idea is interesting, but what are we actually watching". Be specific, be original, and be dedicated enough to think it through before pitching. When you do that, you'll find more Producers interested, and you only need one to go the distance.

If you are, or know of a unique family, business, lifestyle, venue, subject, or other facet of life that would make for a compelling show, pitch it at the TV Writers Vault. We offer a protected platform of exposure to many of the largest and most successful companies in the industry producing reality-based television.

Do you have that killer concept that's sure to be a hit? Don't risk it getting "lost in translation". Be sure your written pitch is crafted to communicate its potential to the Producers. Visit Here for details on Professional Consult & Writing Services.

With multiple shows produced and aired globally after being discovered at our site, we hope you'll take advantage of the opportunity our service brings to new Writers and Creators in the TV industry.

Yours Truly,
Scott Manville
President | The Television Writers Vault

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