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By Scott Manville
Producer - Founder,

The heat is on this summer for our members pitching series at If you have a true life story or non-fiction narrative for adaptation as a series or mini-series, now is the day and age for pitching them. With digital platforms and streaming services like Netflix commissioning limited run series, it opens up the opportunity for production companies to get orders on intriguing stories and subjects, and not necessarily reliant on the series having longevity (continuing episodes season over evolving seasons).

Some of the companies scouting our platform include; Fox Searchlight Pictures, Lionsgate TV, Echo Lake Productions, FX Network and many others. We also have some great news, as one of our longtime members has sold his third project through our site!

We thank all of our industry members and writers for making us the industry's most successful online platform bringing original pitches to production and air. Get your pitch connected!
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Scott Manville

Writer Makes 3rd Deal for Series Pitched at member, Jon Stewart, of Deerfield, Ill. has landed an option deal with Neon TV for his unscripted series pitch. We congratulate Mr. Stewart and Neon TV for their collaboration and connecting at our platform. This is the third pitch sold by Mr. Stewart using the TV Writers Vault marketplace.

"I sincerely cannot say enough about TV Writers Vault and Scott Manville. This is my third deal that I’ve signed... this site has literally changed my life!"

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