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Greetings Writers & Producers!
Summer is heating up at the TV Writers Vault with new companies scouting, more writers connecting with Producers, and new opportunities on the horizon. Grab a popsicle and pen, because you're gonna want to get some cool writing done this month!
Another Deal Delivered!: Congratulations to our latest member Kat Carney of Phoenix, AZ who is now in contract negotiations with a top production company (details will be shared once the deal is closed) after her pitch was scouted and discovered at the TV Writers Vault. We're thrilled that another project is making its way to the top, and we hope Kat's project will go the distance and find the right network for production. Kat's pitch was listed for 2 months, and had 3 companies view the pitch before connecting with the right producer.
Brian Graden Media Executives Join TVWV: We're very pleased to welcome two industry executives as new members of the TV Writers Vault. Jeffrey Wank (SVP Development, Brian Graden Media) and Catherine Keithley (Director of Development, Brian Graden Media)are scouting original concepts and scripts for both unscripted and scripted programming. They sell and produce for all major cable networks and streaming outlets. We wish our members pitching at our platform the best of success with any projects under consideration.
Recent Reviews from Writers...

"Scott Manville has made the TV Writers Vault a legitimate, authentic and realistic way for your TV show ideas and scripts to connect with the right people in this industry who can truly take it to the top. I have two different projects with a total of ten reviews by four top TV and Film companies."
- Jan Marie Montalvo | Lantana, FL

"I cannot begin the thank Scott Manville and the TV Writers Vault enough for the services provided. Scott was there, above and beyond what one could expect, guiding me and helping me navigate the ins and outs of the process. Trust me, Scott and TVWritersVault.com are the REAL DEAL. If you are serious about turning an idea into something bigger, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this opportunity to put your vision in front of people who can really do something with it."
- Clint Williams | Sacramento, CA

5 Fundamentals to Master Before Writing & Pitching Your TV or Movie Script:

If you're writing a concept, script or plotting production while investing time, heartache, and headaches- Our new article shares the roots required for any TV or movie pitch to be successful.
From the article...
"The volume, quality, and global reach of drama is unequaled in history. The biggest talents are being attracted to TV and that is driving the quality."
"...they'll continue reading further into the script, and they will have a mindset for solution instead of dismissal..."
"Find the flaw in the hero. It's their personal flaw that causes them to stumble on way to redemption or conquering their plight."
Looking forward to a very productive summer for all of you. If you're not yet a writing member, and wish to pitch your projects, we welcome you to join today.

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