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Greetings Writers & Producers!

TV Producer Scott ManvilleI hope you're all enjoying a new spring season and making good progress pitching your TV show ideas. A big congratulations to a few of our members to recently receive contact requests from producers at the TV Writers Vault; Richard Byrd (Westminster, CA), Joseph Pignataro (Glenville, NY), Matt Kenyon Jr.(Jacksonville, FL), Chad Hancock (San Diego, CA), and Tom Galt (Sherman Oaks).

Further in our newsletter, we have some great information and resources for those of you penning pitches and scripts for drama series and other scripted genres. While reality-based projects have seen the bulk of activity and success to date, we've seen an exciting trend with executives and producers of scripted series becoming more active in our marketplace looking for the next binge-worthy drama!

We'd also like to remind those of you pitching game show formats that our "Next Hit Game Show" format competition is in the "late entry" period for submissions, and you'll want to get your submissions in as soon as possible.

I'm always pleased to hear from new writers and producers with questions about pitching and selling ideas for TV. I invite you to join me at for an evolving conversation on creating and pitching ideas for television and film. POST YOUR QUESTIONS AT ANY ARTICLE THERE and I'll respond in detail.

Write Inspired!

Yours Truly,

Scott Manville
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How to Write & Pitch Scripted TV Series Treatments and Pilot Scripts

"What you're looking for is intention and obstacle"
- Aaron Sorkin
("The West Wing", "A Few Good Men", "Moneyball", "The Social Network")

Writing a treatment or script for series is a craft built on making the right choices of story and character. While one of the most difficult genres to break into as a new writing, there has never been a greater period of opportunity. We've put together some of the best resources, and insight from top talents in the scripted series world to help you understand both the fundamentals, and exciting methods to approach story and writing.

Visit the TV Writers Vault Guide to Writing, Pitching and Selling Scripted TV Treatments & Pilot Scripts.

Subjects covered, include:

  • To Sell Your Pilot Script as a Writer...Think Like A Producer

  • The Value of an Idea for TV, and How To Find Them

  • Advice from Top TV Showrunners

  • TV Pilot Scripts & Pitch Treatment Structure

  • Current Hit TV Pilot Scripts to Read

  • Approaching Today's Drama Series

  • Creating Your Story Idea

  • The Power of True Stories

  • Marketing & Fellowship Programs


Cracking The Code To Hollywood's "Closed Door"

Writers Connecting With Producers at TV Writers Vault

To-Date, More Than 650 New Writers From Outside of Hollywood Have Connected with Producers Discovering Their Pitch at

When the TV Writers Vault first launched, it was done so with a rebellious spirit, not accepting the "closed door" mentality of Hollywood, or the assumption that the housewife or car salesman in the mid-west has any less of an imagination and ability to create viable concepts than the person who happens to work in an entertainment office in Los Angeles. The best experiences we've had at the TV Writers Vault have been facilitating the connection of new creators from all corners of the country with top executives and producers in the industry. To date, we've had more than 650 new writers from outside the industry get the nod from Producers reviewing their pitch and requesting contact for development, and in some exciting cases producing and airing their series globally on networks such as Lifetime, Discovery, A&E and others.

We send a special "Thank You" to all of our producers and executives who've made our platform a standard sourcing tool for their companies, and the many Writers and Creators who believe in our service, and even more importantly- believe in their projects and stories.

We welcome everyone to visit the TV Writers Vault to learn the craft, make connections, and find the potential in their pitch!


Call For Entries

If you've got a mind for game, love game shows, and have a creative drive for cooking up clever concepts, then enter the Next Hit Game Show format competition set to discover and develop an original game show idea for television. I'm partnering with other top producers to scout and discover a new breakout game format for TV, and we want to consider yours.

Update: Global Creative Director for NBCUniversal International, Rafi Nizam, joins panel to judge finalists for "Next Hit Game Show" format competition. We're finalizing our other executives to be involved and will update at site shortly.

Each pitch submitted will be reviewed for originality, viability, and entertainment value. One Winner will be chosen. The creator of the winning format will receive a $3000 prize package as part of a development deal proposal (including on-screen credit and per episode fees and other participation to be negotiated) for development of the format with a partnered company. Registration Is Now Open. Entrants may submit a written description of their game show format/concept, and may also include any video reel or additional media to support the pitch.

Upon engagement with the Winning creator, we'll then develop the format and pitch it to the appropriate major cable networks and major networks. Our network panelist/judges will have first look, along with our executive producers on panel. VISIT FILMFREEWAY for more info and to enter.

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