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Greetings Writers & Producers!

I hope you've had a great summer. We're now heading into the busiest time for producers scouting new TV pitches with fall approaching, and no better time to get inspired and develop new ideas for TV shows. I'm highlighting some key things to keep in mind, along with some great resources for the creative writing process further below. But first, a big congratulations to a few of our Writers receiving Contact Requests from production companies discovering their TV pitches at our platform: Doneliya Deneva ( ), Clint Williams ( ), Jason Born ( ), Matt McManus ( ), and Stephanie Howell ( ). We also wish the best of luck to the hundreds of other writers with pitches currently being reviewed.

Summer has passed, and the industry is back in full force scouting new projects. We're seeing a spike in scripted pitches scouted, while reality-based pitches continue to be a high focus. I want to remind all of our creatives to really work on creating great titles and loglines. This is the first hook when a producer reads the pitch, and often the catalyst for any interest. Read our article that shares a bit about creating loglines.

Part of selling TV show ideas and scripts is understanding how the buyers and producers think. Get inside the minds of some of our industry members at the TV Writers Vault, and check out our industry executive interview series. Here's a few I'd like to share:

Phil Gurin - Executive Producer, "Shark Tank", "Weakest Link"

Karyn Smith Forge - Vice President Programming, Fox TV Studios

Want to learn all about creating and pitching TV show ideas? Join me at my blog and send me any questions as comments in each article. I'll respond in detail. If you're pitching new projects, be sure your pitch gets the strategic exposure it deserves by using the TV Writers Vault as your platform.

Looking forward to a very productive fall season for all of you.

Write Inspired!

Yours Truly,

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TRUTH BE TOLD: Hollywood's Non-Fiction Story & Screenwriting Competition

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"Saving Private Ryan", "The Blind Side", "Twelve Years A Slave", "Erin Brockovich", "Argo", "A Beautiful Mind", "Goodfellas", "The Wolf Of Wall Street", "Dallas Buyers Club", and countless other critically acclaimed Hollywood films have one thing in common- They're rooted in truth... either "based on a true story" or "inspired by true events". The "Truth Be Told" Non-Fiction Story & Screenwriting Competition (Sponsored by Final Draft) is set to discover untold captivating true stories for adaptation in Film. We accept original Screenplays, Pitch Treatments, and Books for Adaptation.

Should your life story or the incredible story of someone you know be a Movie? Is your screenplay based on an amazing true story, or inspired by true events? Is your non-fiction book ripe for adaptation as a film? Our producers and sponsors welcome you to share your pitch and let the truth be told!

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