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Zero Gravity Management Joins
We're very pleased to welcome Zero Gravity Management ("The Cooler", "Ozark") to scouting original screenplays and series scripts for television. 
Already today, three of our writing members received script requests from ZGM after viewing their drama series pitches in our platform. Congratulations to Sarah Redfield of Sisters, Oregon, Will Levin of Los Angeles, CA., and Leslie Beaumont of Los Angeles, CA. We wish all of our members the best of success with any  projects reviewed or requested.
Zero Gravity Management is a progressive entertainment company whose primary core lies in the development and representation of screenwriters, directors and actors. ZG boasts a list of some of the industry's most established professionals in all arenas.
The firm is also a full-service production company handling the development, finance, execution and sale of projects in film, television and new media.

ZG's strong reputation in the literary world has been built upon its hands-on development process, working intimately with its clients to generate the most elevated and unique material possible.

The company's number one priority is to propel the clients' projects to the screen, and it has a tremendous track record to show for it. ZG works with all the major and mini-major studios on a consistent basis selling spec scripts and acquiring open writing assignments for its clients.
A big thanks to all of our companies who've made the standard tool for sourcing original material for their development needs, and we look forward to delivering great opportunities for our members pitching.

A&E TV First Look Production Company Scouting Scripted & Unscripted Pitches...
Noble Savages Entertainment Joins
We're very pleased to welcome Noble Savages Entertainment as our newest company at scouting original projects for television production. 
Noble Savages is a full service media company that creates and produces original scripted and unscripted content for all platforms. They're in a position of opportunity as they hold a "first look" deal with A&E Television, delivering unscripted productions for Oxygen, A&E, and HGTV, as well as scripted development with Sony Television. Credits include "Save It or Sell it", "Buried Treasure", "What Not to Wear", "Dog & Beth: On the Hunt", "Gay Straight or Taken" & many more.
Scouting for new talent and projects, CEO Joseph Livecchi communicated to us they are buying formats keying on the following subjects: "relationship, investigative crime, science, business... and with "access", "IP", or "talent" being the key they look for in a pitch."
We wish all of our members pitching at our platform the best of success with any projects under consideration by Noble Savages Entertainment.
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