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Dear Members & Friends-

We hope each of you are enjoying your Holiday season with family and friends, reflecting on a productive 2016 and looking forward to great accomplishments with your TV show pitches in the new year. I'd like to thank each of you for helping to make 2016 one of the most exciting years at the TV Writers Vault, especially our industry members who sourced more projects from our marketplace online than any previous year. We watched new members land deals, and many making new connections with producers and executives.

A special congratulations to a few of our recent Writer/Members getting direct Contact Requests during the past month, connecting with Producers who scouted their pitches in our marketplace: Holly Long (San Anselmo, CA), Keith Moy (Rowland Heights, CA) Richard Brown (Raleigh, NC), Gary Knight (Fort Mill, SC) Kari Doll (Bozeman, MT), Logan Gaddis (Duncanville, TX), and Miguel Catellier (Saskatchewan, CAN). Those, in addition to the many others connecting their TV pitches with producers this year have made us the most efficient and direct path for new producers and creators breaking into the industry from all corners of the country.

For those of you who love to cook up ideas for game shows, we've got a solid opportunity to get your pitch in play at the networks. Check out the "Next Hit Game Show" format competition presented by the TV Writers Vault. We're set to discover the next breakout format for game TV, and we want to consider yours.

If you haven't visited my blog yet, I invite you to join me there for an evolving conversation on creating and pitching ideas for television and film. Feel free to jump in with questions and comments, and I'll respond in detail.

We wish each of you a very happy and healthy 2017!

Yours Truly,

Scott Manville
President & Founder |, llc

Next Hit Game Show Idea Contest


I'm Scott Manville, TV Producer and former head of development for legendary game show production company Merv Griffin Entertainment. If you've got a mind for game, love game shows, and have a creative drive for cooking up clever concepts, then enter the "NEXT HIT GAME SHOW!" format competition set to discover and develop an original game show format for television. I'm partnering with another top production company to scout and discover a new breakout game format for TV, and we want to consider yours.

Each pitch submitted will be reviewed for originality, viability, and entertainment value. One Winner will be chosen. The creator of the winning format will receive a $3000 prize package as part of a development deal proposal (including on-screen credit and per episode fees and other participation to be negotiated) for development of the format with a partnered company. That company will be announced prior to the "Regular Entry Period" of the contest. Discounted Early Bird Entry is Open Now, and Regular Entry begins January 1, 2017. Entrants may submit a written description of their game show format/concept, and may also include any video reel or additional media to support the pitch.

NOT JUST ANOTHER CONTEST- A Partnership With The Right Producers:

Game shows are very clever, but clear, once the format is locked in. However, the process of pitching, developing, and implementing that vision is both a creative and technical skill. I've sold pitches for game show formats in the room to Dick Clark Productions, Nash Entertainment, and many others. We're now looking for the next hit game show idea that will go the distance. Bringing my history of game format development, partnered with the key studio/producer we'll be aligning with for this process, along with your winning game show format, our competition will deliver what we believe to be the NEXT HIT GAME SHOW for television. We wish all of our entrants the best of success, and special thanks for allowing us to consider your creative work.

Upon engagement with the Winning creator, we'll then bring the winning project to market at the appropriate major cable networks and major networks. Click Here for more details and entry.


"...After one of the development meetings with Disney Execs Karen Glass and Holly Jacobs, I was walking them down the long hall leaving the Griffin Group offices and Holly asked, "So who came up with this idea?" So I told her..."Some guy in Florida". She smiled and said, "I love when that happens". Read More...

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The TV Writers Vault thanks all of its creative and executive members for making us the industry's most productive online marketplace for scouting and selling new TV show ideas. Visit us and connect your TV pitches with today's top industry buyers.


Scott Manville
President & Founder |, llc

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