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Dear Writers & Friends -

2014 is shaping up to be the busiest year to date for both our Writers and the Producers buying new concepts for shows. Since January 1st, we've delivered hundreds of official reviews for pitches submitted at the site, and an astounding 48 projects discovered by 6 different production companies requesting contact with the Creators of those concepts. Best of luck to all of our members with pitches being reviewed, and deals being negotiated. Dreams do come true!...If you work hard enough.

In parallel, Lifetime TV continues to air new and back-to-back episodes of the breakout series "Kim of Queens", starring TV Writers Vault discovery, Kim Gravel. Kim pitched several projects at the site where she was discovered by Bogner Entertainment, Executive Producers of the show alongside Emmy Winning Executive Producer, Tom Forman ("Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"). Ratings for the series are higher than the nightly average for Lifetime, and holding strong. Season 2 is currently being cast.

In the coming weeks we'll be sharing new opportunities with our members by disclosing "RFP's" (Requests For Proposals) from key Executive Producers at the site. This won't just be general information about "types" of shows they're seeking. This will be actual specific details handed down to them by their Network Executives revealing the specific types of subjects and concepts they're seeking at that moment. Projects submitted for any RFP will then be tagged for the specific executives requesting, for their review.

If you're needing professional guidance or writing services for your show ideas, check out our Development Services page Here. You have one shot to engage any Producer reading your pitch. Be sure your idea reads at its potential!

To learn more about how we sell your new TV show ideas to the Industry, visit here. We thank you for all of your support, and wish you the best of success! Let us know how we may help you.

Projects discovered at the TV Writers Vault have been produced and distributed globally at each of the following networks: Lifetime TV, A&E, Discovery Channel, SyFy, Velocity, UKTV, OLN, and others.

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