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Dear Members-

We couldn't ask for a better start to the New Year, and we have both our Writers and Industry Executives to thank. In this past week alone at the TV Writers Vault we've seen ten of our members from all corners of the country connecting with Producers after pitching their show ideas, and even more key companies joining our marketplace to scout projects from creatives like you.

We also congratulate our promotional partner, NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives) with a terrific NATPE 2016 conference held this month in Miami. It was a convergence of today's best talent, content providers, and exhibitors all touting that we are in fact operating within a new Golden Age of television. The TV Writers Vault is privileged to be a catalyst for new creators entering this thriving marketplace.

Reality Series concepts are still the hottest items in the marketplace, so we encourage any of you with interesting jobs, lifestyles, or access to unique subjects and people to pitch our Producers. If you're curious about our process of selling your shows to industry buyers, check out this link.

Please read our news items further below, and get involved. There's never been a great window of opportunity for new creators and producers than there is today. Wishing you the best of success in 2016.

Asylum/Pilgrim Executive Producer Joins TV Writers Vault
Isaac Kigozi, Executive Producer for Asylum Entertainment and Pilgrim Studios joins the TV Writers Vault scouting original concepts for television. Asylum Entertainment is a top tier development and production company delivering new series to all major cable networks, and has produced thousands of hours of reality series, mini-series, documentaries and feature films. Pilgrim Studios is the No. 1 independent Entertainment Studio in the world, and has produced an enormous amount of programming for the best networks like Discovery, History, Syfy, Lifetime, National Geographic and many others.

More Writers Connecting With Producers at TV Writers Vault

Congratulations to this week's Members with projects discovered by Producers scouting the TV Writers Vault: Ashley Hutchinson, Douglas Gordon, Mya K. Douglas (2 projects requested), Jadyn Taylor, Heather Ann Potts (2 different company requests), Debbie Nutall, Jennifer Bettersworth, George D. Campbell, Georgia Cassimatis, and Tyler Mercer.
Why Use The TV Writers Vault To Pitch Your Projects? The TV Writers Vault is the only Industry website to bring ideas directly from people like you to Network production and global broadcast. To learn more about how we sell your new TV show ideas to the Industry, Visit Here. We thank you for all of your support, and wish you the best of success! Let us know how we may help you. 
Projects discovered at the TV Writers Vault have been produced and distributed globally at each of the following networks: Lifetime TV, A&E, Discovery Channel, SyFy, Velocity, UKTV, OLN, and others.

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