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Dear Writers & Friends -

Thank you for making the TV Writers Vault one of our industry's key sourcing venues for new television projects. We're very pleased with your creativity, and as inspired as you are in creating your concepts, we're equally inspired to bring television's top decision makers and Producers to your projects.

Most recently, member John Emery of Warsaw, VA., signed a deal with Buck Productions ("Saw Dogs" Discovery Channel, "Deals From The Darkside" SyFy) for his reality-based concept that was discovered at the TV Writers Vault after being listed for only a single day. That's good timing, but very exciting to see. From John: "TV Writer's Vault was exactly what I was looking for to help sell my show ideas and partner with the right people. My first project received a Contact Request from a production company within the first 24 hours or so of its posting. I'm now actively working with them to sell it to the networks."

We've also seen others connecting with Producers, and a healthy amount of project reviews being processed by our Production Company members. Congratulations to Writer/Members Derick Yanehiro, Elizabeth DeVaney, Misty Lynn Lively, Wayne Erik Williams, Manuel Fernandez, Joni Navarro Sucato, and Deborah Burlisnki all connecting with Producers after their projects were discovered at the site. In parallel, we're please to welcome new Industry Members from Documentary Makers, Inc., Like The Wind Productions, and Jane Street Entertainment, all searching for new projects to develop from our writing members.

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With multiple shows produced and aired globally after being discovered at our site, we hope you'll take advantage of the opportunity our service brings to new Writers and Creators in the TV industry.

Yours Truly,
Scott Manville
PPresident | The Television Writers Vault

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