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Dear Writers & Friends -

The TV Writers Vault thanks all of our Writers for their dedication and creative efforts in creating new show concepts for the Producers and Executives sourcing projects from our marketplace. This has contributed to a very active and production fall season, with new deals being landed, new Writers discovered, and new companies brought into the fold.

We also congratulate Writer/Member David Threlkeld of Rogers, AR. on landing a deal with Bogner Entertainment at RelativityReal for his concept discovered at the site. The project is now being set up at Nat Geo Channel. We're very excited for Dave, and look forward to more updates as things develop with the Network.
In recent weeks we've seen a terrific amount of activity from many award winning companies scouting new TV show ideas from Writers & Creators like you at : Ping Pong Productions, Ellman Entertainment, Documentary Makers, Inspire Films & Television, The Wolper Organization, JV Productions, Bogner Entertainment, and Homerun Entertainment. Hundreds of projects are under review, and 21 Writers have received Contact Requests from Producers wanting to pursue their projects after reviewing.

If we look at the spectrum of projects being reviewed and requested by Producers, some of the common denominators we see include the following elements: Docu-style reality series, strong characters involved in new worlds we haven't seen before on TV, often involving unique businesses and families. Second to that would be very unique social experiments that are contrived circumstances set up to fuel dramatic or comedic result.

If I may pass along one tip for writing a great pitch, it would be to keep it clear, condensed, and delivering the core concept immediately within the first sentence of the first paragraph. Too often the new writers feels they need to justify or teach the reader the reasoning behind the concept. Different than a traditional business proposal, a pitch for a television concept needs to cut out the "preamble" and "history", and get right into the specific details of what we're actually watching unfold in the show. When a logline gives the Producer the overall premise and concept, the Producer can already see its potential, and only want to read a powerful and compelling outline of what we're specifically watching. If they're not seeing it in the first paragraph, they're going to tune out. This is why you need to make very strong choices for premise and content. If you've got a clever concept, or a cool world that would make for a great show, don't let it get lost in the pages.

If you haven't pitched your TV show idea to Producers using our service, get your project in the action, and pitch it here.

The TV Writers Vault is the first TV industry website to bring ideas from creative people like you, to production and global broadcast on networks like Discovery Channel, A&E, Syfy and many others. Many of you have questions about the process of selling ideas and formats to the television industry, so we wanted to outline that process based on the numerous deals new Writers have landed by using our service, and the 15 years our founder Scott Manville has had in television development and production with top companies. We're a direct route for new Writers and Creators to connect with buyers, and one of many strategies and sources used to break into the industry with a new project. We're also very proud to let our Writers retain 100% ownership for direct negotiations with any Producer or Network extending a deal proposal. We take no financial participation in any project sold and produced.

We wish all of our Writing Members the best of luck with any current projects being reviewed by Producers, and deals pending. Thanks for making the TV Writers Vault the Industry's standard online sourcing venue for discovering new talent and great ideas for television.

Yours Truly,

Scott Manville
The Television Writers Vault

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