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Dear Writers & Friends -

Fall is here, and Producers at the TV Writers Vault have never been busier, reviewing projects, connecting with our Writers, and new deals being made. Yesterday we received the very exciting news that another project scouted from our site is getting picked up by a Network. Writer/Member Dave Threlkeld of Rogers, Arkansas, had pitched dozens of concepts, and finally landed option deals on two of his projects with powerhouse reality producers at Relativity Real. Dave informed us yesterday that one of the projects has been picked up by National Geographic Channel. Details are confidential, but needless to say, we're very happy for Dave and look forward to sharing more information as the project develops.

Update: Congratulations to 15 of our Writing Members receiving Contact Requests from Producers reviewing their Reality Show ideas yesterday (10/8/13): Annie Camp (Sugar Valley, GA.), Samantha Milburn (Petersburg, FL), John E. Mayer (Chicago, IL), Matthew Stapely (Ottawa, Ontario, CAN), Anthony Burrell (Chicago, IL), Tyrone Holmes (New York, NY), Richard Jones (Castaic, CA), Kimberly Charles (Memphis, TN), Bianca Crisanti (Woodbridge, Ontario, CAN), Richard Morse (Orange, CT), Andrea Mesich (Ironwood, MI), Kasey Van Norman (Bryan, TX), Steve Gordon (Quincy, IL), Philip Comella (Glen Ellyn, IL), Deirdre Porter (Victoria, Aus.).
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Yours Truly,
Scott Manville
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