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Dear Members & Friends -

We hope you had a fun summer recharging for a productive period of pitching and scouting new concepts for television programming. The fall season is definitely upon us at the TV Writers Vault, with more writers and projects being harvested by Executives in our marketplace. New to the fold, we're thrilled to welcome a very big player in the international television market, ITV Studios America. And we're once again very excited to promote the Napa Valley Film Festival pitch competition with executives from The Weinstein Company & Netflix happening in November.

Check out some of the details further below, and get in the mix! We're in a renaissance period for television, as its proven to be a truly productive playground for creators, screenwriters, and filmmakers across all genres. Thanks for allowing us to be your catalyst for collaboration in this very exciting period for our industry, and feel free to shoot me any questions regarding creative development and pitching. I'm happy to chat.

Write Inspired!
Scott Manville | President, The Television Writers Vault

ITV Studios America Joins TVWV

The Television Writers Vault welcomes the Senior EVP of Scripted Development for ITV Studios America, as they've begun scouting for original scripted concepts and projects at the TV Writers Vault, with an eye for "scripted cable dramas". This allows writers to develop subjects and stories in very specific genres that may be ideal for a multitude of cable networks. We know this will bring new and exciting opportunities for our members, and bolsters our slate of top tier industry participants in our marketplace.

ITV Studios America has become a leading producer of both reality-based and scripted programming, with a slate of successful formats in production with major networks. Good luck to all of our writers with projects selected for review by ITV.

More TVWV Writers Connecting

With hundreds of projects reviewed during the past month, we'd like to send a special congratulations to the following Writers/Creators receiving contact requests from Executives scouting their pitches at the TV Writers Vault:

Daniel Gitlin (Ft. Lauderdale, FL), Richard Elkins (Cincinnati, OH), Rosie Pekar (Queensland, AUS), Starlett Annette Carter (Dallas, TX), Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson (Summerfield, NC) , Jacob Adoram Hendrickson (Austin, TX), LaShonda Thompson (2 Producer Requests) (Summerville, SC), and Joseph Pignataro (Glenville, NY). And just prior to these writers getting the nod from Producers, we were very excited to announce another client, Stephen Reichel, landed 2 contract deals with newly formed Neon Television (Former Emmy Winners, Documentary Makers, Inc.).

Recent companies scouting television show concepts in our marketplace include; ITV Studios America, Neon Television, Bogner Entertainment, Buck Productions, RelativityReal, Starz, 5x5 Media, Little Studio Films, and Fox Television Studios. Check out the updated roster of industry partners at TV Writers Vault.

Adding to our expanding slate of top tier Producers scouting new shows from Writers at the TV Writers Vault, we'd like to welcome CodeBlack Films / Lionsgate, Boxing Cats Productions,3 Ring Circus, Zucker Productions, and CBS Studios. Some of the recent television companies scouting this past week, include: Shooters TV ("Bar Rescue"), Documentary Makers, Buck Productions, CBS Studios, and Bogner Entertainment. We wish all of our creative members the best of luck with projects under review by these companies.

Good luck to all of our current members sourcing or selling projects!

Latest Testimonial...

"Wow, that was QUICK! I signed up for your site, put up my original idea for a reality series pitch, and within a few hours I had a contact request from a Producer! I had no connections to Hollywood at all. Anyone on the fence about using Scott's services can get my contact from him...IT REALLY WORKS!"

- Joseph Pignataro | Glenville, NY Click for More Testimonials & Success Stories

TV Today, A Golden Age For Creators & Storytellers...

We're in a new golden age of television where outlets and appetites for great storytelling have flourished as a new space for filmmakers and screenwriters to see original projects come to fruition, and for new creators to find opportunity in what used to be an extremely insulated business. Studio executives and new writers no longer have respective excuses for not delivering quality entertainment, or not being able to find "connections". Hollywood, you've been warned! Read Full Article at article HERE

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Projects discovered at the TV Writers Vault have been produced and distributed globally at each of the following networks: Lifetime TV, A&E, Discovery Channel, SyFy, Velocity, UKTV, OLN, and others.

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