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Dear Writers & Friends -

Its that time! The television industry returns from hiatus and begins another season scouting projects at the TV Writers Vault for development. We hope you had a fun summer and took some time to relax and use your inspiration for creating new concepts. Even during the past hiatus month, we still saw 15 of our Writers receive contact requests from Producers interested in their projects, and companies scouting that include; Fox TV Studios, Ping Pong Productions, Documentary Makers, Inc., The Gerler Agency, 20th Century Fox Television, among others. We head into the fall season with an incredible amount of anticipation for new deals landed, and new shows picked up. We thank you for your creative efforts that support the TV Writers Vault, and we look forward to delivering more opportunities and real results for your projects this season.


Congratulations to Writer/Member, Derick Yanehiro, of Long Beach, CA.- Two different production companies contacted him after reviewing his concept, and Derick has now secured an agreement with awarding winning producers at Documentary Makers, Inc. From Derick: "The TV WRITERS VAULT really works! Television producers ACTUALLY look at projects posted by writers and they ACTUALLY contact them! In a very short period of time, two production companies contacted me about the same project I had listed. I've now secured a development deal with Documentary Makers, Inc." Check out other success stories at the TV Writers Vault HERE.

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With multiple shows produced and aired globally after being discovered at our site, we hope you'll take advantage of the opportunity our service brings to new Writers and Creators in the TV industry.  
We look forward to your success,

Yours Truly,
Scott Manville
PPresident | The Television Writers Vault

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