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Dear Members & Friends,

Its that time of year again... Summer is coming to a close, and the fall scouting season is hitting hard with producers and executives searching the TV Writers Vault for new projects to develop. In just the past week we've seen big activity in our marketplace from companies including Tom Forman Productions, Buck Productions, Atlas Media Group, Espiritus Productions, Neon TV, and the legendary Oscar winning Phoenix Pictures. Documentary-style series continue to be a hot item, along with original formats for reality competition, game shows, and any true stories for adaptation. Check out my blog for some additional insight on creating and pitching, and feel free to reach out with comments or questions.

Its never too early to start planning for NATPE Miami 2017. Registration for the much anticipated market is now open. Check out the details further below, and get yourself set up for the best networking event in the new digital entertainment industry.

Autumn also brings us The Napa Valley Film Festival's Pitch Panel Competition, gearing up for another installment set to discover the next blockbuster movie or hit TV show. This special event will deliver for the winner a meeting with The Weinstein Company development and acquisitions team and some cool cash. Check out the details below, and get your pitches in the mix for this great opportunity.

Congratulations to our most recent Writer/Members receiving contact requests from producers in our marketplace pursuing their projects pitched in our marketplace: John Bates, Alex Rudoi, Kenneth Masler, Androcles Handy, Tom Lloyd, and John Leslie Pointer. The TV Writers Vault thanks all of its creative and executive members for making us the industry's most productive online marketplace for scouting and selling new TV show ideas.Visit Us and connect your original projects with today's top industry buyers.

A Pioneer Connecting Your Creativity

One of the greatest joys in founding the TV Writers Vault has been seeing the ordinary person with an extraordinary idea connect with industry executives whom otherwise would not be open to taking pitches from people outside the industry. Great entertainment should be a reflection and examination of our world, and we're seeing the industry carry that torch as it reaches out to all corners of the country to discover new creatives, new stories, new subjects, and new ideas from people like you.

Fox TV Studios was the first company to buy a pitch from our platform, and its been a steady road of top companies and studios involved ever since. Among the thousands of official project reviews by our industry members, The TV Writers Vault has connected 801 original pitches with Producers requesting contact with the Creator to pursue development and production. From that group, we've seen original programming produced and aired globally on Lifetime TV (US, and UK), Discovery Channel, Discovery Networks International, SyFy (US, UK, and Netherlands), UKTV (UK), OLN (Canada), and Velocity (US). We're proud to have been the first Internet platform to deliver ideas from people outside the industry to producers, breaking new careers for new creatives, and we look forward to the many opportunities at hand for our members.

Most recently, we're very proud to become a promotional partner with NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives), RealScreen, and Produced By Conference to promote the connection of writers and buyers in our marketplace.

We invite all producers and writers to try our service...

Yours Truly,
Scott Manville
founder |, llc

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