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Scott Manville TV ProducerProducers are scouting hard for new material, and the competition among new creators to sell to them is intense. You have one shot to engage a Producer reading your pitch. When a Producer turns down a project, the Writer isn't the only one disappointed. The Producer often discovers the great "idea" for a series they were initially interested in lacks the necessary content or clarity required to become a real production.

Producers hire their own development executives to create and craft their formats and pitches ("treatments") to bring to Network. Take advantage of this opportunity to give your TV series the same insider's edge the production companies have.

With 20 years of professional experience formulating and writing pitches for some of Television's top producers and networks, Scott Manville offers independent services to analyze, develop, and write your pitch. Scott is a former Head of Development for Merv Griffin Entertainment, and Founder & President of The TV Writers Vault. He was most recently a Producer for Relativity Media.

Latest Kudos from Client:
Scott- You are a genius. I don't know how you do it, but you go deep into the project and come out with a jewel. I really appreciate your work!" - Andre Tillman 

Scott has also served on Panel as Judge & Juror with heads of major indie studios like Fox Searchlight, Netflix and TWC refining pitches and discovering new projects at the Napa Valley Film Festival for the past four years. Watch Scott On Panel Here... NVFF Pitch Panel Competition

Hear Scott's stories and perspectives on Creating and Pitching for the TV Industry in his live interview with Emmy Winning TV Host, Tim Tialdo, on "Life On Air with Tim Tialdo".

Select any of the available services for hire listed further below, and you will be contacted to begin work on your project. Questions regarding these services. Email with any questions.

Pitch Re-Write | Unscripted Genres (Reality TV, Game Shows, Docu-Style, Factual)
Professional study of your concept/treatment as written.
Email exchange of notes discussing the potential of the project, as well as any problematic aspects and solutions.
Professional Re-Write of your pitch, including; Logline and Synopsis/Format (2-3 pages)
Reality Shows, Docu-Style Series, Formatted Series, Game Shows and other Unscripted concepts to pitch.


Includes 12 Months Free Membership & Pitch Listing ($249 Value)

Original Pitch Writing | Unscripted Genres - (Reality TV, Game Shows, Docu-Style, Factual)

Professional study of your concept for Development.
Email exchange of notes discussing the potential of the project, as well as any problematic aspects and solutions.
Professionally Written, fully developed pitch (Treatment), including; Title options, Logline, Synopsis/Format.
Final Draft of original writing, Synopsis/Format (pitch, 2-3 pages)
Reality Shows, Game Shows, Formatted Series, Docu-Style series and other Unscripted Concepts.

Includes 12 Months Free Membership & Pitch Listing ($249 Value).

Scripted Genres Pitch Re-Write (Drama Series, Comedy, Hybrid Scripted/Reality)
Professional study of your written treatment (max 10 pages).
Email exchange of notes discussing the potential of the project, as well as any problematic aspects and solutions.
Professional Re-Write of your pitch treatment (max 10 pages).

Includes 12 Months Free Membership & Pitch Listing ($249 Value).

What Clients are saying about Scott...

TV Host Leisa Naples"Words cannot describe how thankful I am that I engaged Scott Manville last year to write and market my project.  I have been in the television industry in production and on air for over 15 years and I have never had a more successful business relationship. In the brutal world of television, having a fabulous concept is not always enough to move things into production. It takes someone like Scott, who has the ability to bring a concept to life with his enticing writing skills and dynamic pitching ability. Without Scott�s writing expertise, my script would have just been another script among the thousands that get submitted to production companies and networks on a daily basis.

Even though the television world has it�s ups and downs, Scott�s charismatic personality and honest business ethics made this process pleasant, exciting and a truly valuable learning experience. He is so knowledgeable in so many different areas of the television industry from development to production to legal contracts. After pitching the concept's treatment that Scott developed and wrote, I received multiple offers from A-List companies. He even helped me navigate through countless meetings and a few contracts that were almost signed before signing a deal with the �right" production company. Scott could have convinced me to sign with the first company that came forward, but his knowledge of what was possible and right for my deal brought better opportunity. For that, I am so grateful.

Scott was there every step of the way through this process and always available to guide me through the bumps in the road. Scott Manville is one of the few honest men left in the entertainment industry. I would recommend his service in a heartbeat to any aspiring producers or writers

Leisa Naples-Mullins
On-Air Talent, Entrepreneur, Co-Executive Producer
Emmy Winning TV Host Tim Tialdo"I hired Scott Manville to help develop an idea for a half-hour cable reality series. The process took roughly a month to complete, and by the end I had a Production Company pick up the idea and schedule a pilot shoot! I must say I was very impressed with Scott's knowledge, understanding, and professionalism. In pitching to several production companies, one even referred to him as a "Legend" in the business of concept development. Scott took my ideas and research and compacted it into a top caliber concept that you will likely see on the networks soon! I've been in TV both on and off air for 10 years, and I can tell you that Scott works wonders for a reasonable amount of money. What the success of the concept comes down to is how revolutionary you idea is and your tenacity to get it picked up. If you are thinking about hiring Scott, those with faith and determination bring dreams to reality.
For those of you who truly believe your idea is something people need and want to see, I highly recommend Scott Manville's services. He makes the process comfortable, detailed, and affordable. If you have the right attitude from there, the rest will be history!

Tim Tialdo
Television Host, Producer
"Thank you for turning my story into a masterpiece that's ready for market. When I sent you my first draft I didn't know what to expect, but you certainly brought my story to life. Any writer who connect with you will be amazed at what your professional re-write can do for their pitch. I look forward to our next endeavor."
Andre Tillman
"Scott Manville has been wonderful!! I have asked LOTS of questions throughout this process, sought his guidance, and have secured his writing skills by having him rewrite several projects. He has truly been a HUGE asset and a valued sounding board. I certainly owe my success in large part to him and The Writers Vault. I would recommend his writing service to any and everyone."
[Update: Dave secured a deal with BEI TV (Relativity Real) and informs us his project has been set up at Nat Geo Channel, awaiting official order for series.]
Dave Threlkeld | Rogers, AR
"For me, creating a TV Show Idea was a new endeavor. As someone who basically writes for a living.. (mostly Business Plans..that have raised millions), I know how difficult it is to be looking at a blank page and fill it with �what must be said�. I�ve found it�s important that I rely on a basic truism that says: �It�s easier to EDIT than GENERATE..� And, as such, that realization allows the setting aside of ego and embraces the team effort designed only to improve the finished product in a mutually satisfying joint experience. This is a key area at which Scott excels! In this instance, Scott did the GENERATING� and what he wrote was good�Really Good.. And when I sent him the �mini-edits� and additional ideas his writing inspired for me, he was instantly understanding and accepting to include them �and what we then had ..was GREAT! I am extremely appreciative of his talent, skill, mindset and work ethic, and I confidently refer him to anyone in need of what he can deliver!
Eric Ritter

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