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The TV Writers Vault is the first and only web-based market in television history to bring projects from Idea-to-Air with new television series broadcast globally in the U.S., Australia, UK and Canada, for networks including; A&E, Discovery, Lifetime TV, OLN, SYFY, UKTV, Velocity Channel, and more. TVWritersVault.com is currently used by over 300 leading television production companies, networks, agencies and studios to source original concepts and formats from both professional and new creators and writers. The Television Writers Vault was created and developed by Scott Manville, former lead Development Executive for Merv Griffin Entertainment, and most recently serving as Producer for Relativity Television and Lifetime TV.

Manville's professional experience within the television industry inspired this groundbreaking service for the promotion of Writers marketing original material for sale to the entertainment industry. To date, the TV Writers Vault has been responsible for providing thousands of official reviews of writers works by leaders in the Industry, along with hundreds of Writers making personal contact with Producers, resulting in numerous project sales to Network Studios and Production Companies. The Television Writers Vault streamlines the development process within the Television industry by providing television Producers and Executives with an efficient process of reviewing original ideas by both professional and aspiring writers. In doing so, it offer writers of both scripted and unscripted television projects a platform of monitored direct exposure to leading companies and executives involved in the development and production of all forms of televised programming.

TVWritersVault.com also provides informational advice and resources on the process of creating and pitching projects within the television industry.

Notice: The TV Writers Vault is not an Agency or Broker. We are an ISP / Database used by Industry Executives scouting material for development and production. We do not represent or broker in any capacity, any specific content of any intellectual properties discovered by Executives sourcing the database. We hold no agreements of representation (exclusive or non-exclusive) with any writing members or other paid members using our database to archive material for review. Membership/Listing fees are charged to cover the Administration, Management, Marketing, Operational, and Programming Development costs of the marketplace.

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