Writer / Executive Relations Protocol

 The Television Writers Vault is a television industry service that places the highest priority on the protection and discretion of its subscribing Writers and Industry Executives. The most critical element that supports this unique service is the continued confidence and support by our subscribing television executives and companies. It is important for all subscribing writers to understand the demands each executive is immersed in, and that they are in fact involved in a very specialized process. Even though the foundation of that process is collaboration, they restrict unsolicited contact.
Executives and Producers as a whole do not take unsolicited queries. As requested by our member executives, only when they request contact with a writer/member (as reflected in the writers Project Status Page) do they wish to discuss that specific project. We then provide the executive with the writers direct contact information and it is the executive's sole discretion as to when or if they contact the writer. If the executive does not contact the writer within a week, we ask that the writer contact us and we will send the executive a reminder of their request.

If an Executive has "reviewed" any project, or has placed a status of "under consideration" on any project posted, those statuses mean exactly and only that. A typical development executive or producer usually manages dozens of projects that are in various stages of development or production at a network, along with a larger slate of projects that are in development in-house at their company under option. In addition to those priorities are the scouting and acquisition of new projects such as those posted within the TVWritersVault.com database. New projects are usually going to be addressed after more urgent priorities are met with shows that they have in production. Therefore, it is fairly common that a significant amount of time goes by before the executive can make contact. For this reason we prohibit our writers from making any unsolicited calls to our member Executives regarding simple "reviewed" or "under consideration" statuses. Those are given to you as a courtesy for your own record.

When a company or Executive engages any Writer member in discussions or negotiations for the purchase of a project, you the Writer will have direct access and communications with those executives via any representative or entertainment attorney of your choice. We work to promote the relations and creations of all of our writers and do not take any form of participation from either side beyond the introduction and promoting of a Writer's project within The Television Writers Vault.

The project status report provided to all writers upon membership activation is privileged information as a courtesy to our writers. Executives are under agreement to report back to us any writer from our website who contacts them without solicitation. We reserve the right to deactivate their membership with no reimbursement of fee. Only upon "Requesting Writer Contact" will we then forward your contact information to the executive and they will contact you directly. Thank you for respecting our policies, as it preserves our relations with the industry executives who buy your shows.

Our goal is to continue to bolster our marketplace as an efficient creative source for television industry executives and companies. We will do that by protecting and preserving our executive relations, and fulfilling yours and the executive's goal of connecting on projects they wish to pursue.

We wish you the best of success-

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