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The Television Writers Vault is a unique and target-specific venue reaching thousands of TV industry Executives, Producers, Writers, Development Executives, other Professionals, Fans and Followers of our content and marketplace. receives more than 1 Million Total Hits Per Month, with 25-30,000 Unique Hits Per Month from those seeking information and resources in the following areas of the entertainment industry; News, education, production, writing, ratings, intellectual property marketing, program development, “how to” guidance, as well as products and information to assist in the craft of creating and producing for all entertainment formats. Additionally, TVWV has more than 50,000 follwers on Twitter and is an "influencer". The TV Writers Vault is used by professionals at more than 300 leading Production Companies and Networks, along with an expanding roster of member Writers numbering in the thousands.

Advertising Options:
E-Newsletter Ad Article - We send out a monthly newsletter to over 9,000 opt-in readers who are both members and non-members of the TV Writers Vault. Contact us to create your customized Ad/Article or Logo/Link to be placed within our next Newsletter. Articles may be 2 paragraphs in length with 2 direct links to your site or product. Price $400

Dedicated E-Blast - On a limited frequency we will assist in customizing a dedicated E-Blast featuring your company or product exclusively. Content may include an article, announcement, press release, or other promotional write-up, along with graphics and links. You may also specify the exact day and time of release. Contact us to begin creation of your E-blast. Price: $800

Social Network Promotions - @tvwritersvault has more than 50,000 twitter followers. We can create a limited campaign of tweets and re-tweets with direct link promoting your service, event, or product.

Site Banner/Buttons - Placement of your logo and direct link to your site is offered in two formats:

Left Column Global Button/Link: Placement of this button in on the left navigation column of our site, which is "global", meaning it is viewable at almost all pages of our site. This provides superior exposure and traffic. [ 140 X 70 Pixels] Price: $1000 per month.

Page Sponsor: A banner is placed at head of specific page/article of your choice within site. Please inquire about any specific page you're interested in for your ad placement so that we may confirm availability. Banner [475 X 60 Pixels ] Price $1000 per month

Please Email Us for any alternative proposal for advertising with The Television Writers Vault.

The Television Writers Vault retains the right to decline advertising by competitor or entity that is deemed a conflict of interests or inappropriate for our members and visitors at our sole discretion.

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