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                                                                     Pitch A TV Show Idea     How To Sell A TV Show Idea          

Wednesday 27 July 2016


Protecting Your Ideas For Sale To The TV Industry -

            Visit for time stamped proof-of-creation

Preventative Research: Do some reading and networking to get a better grasp on what companies are developing and producing.   If a person or production entity has created and developed on their own an idea that is similar or identical in theme, subject or nature, to that of your creation, they have a clear right to produce and distribute such a title and project. Only if a company or producer engages you in formal review and consideration of your fully developed project after their engagement or "pitch" from you are they accountable to you as the creator of the project.

Read and study industry trades and resources such as or The Hollywood Reporter which detail industry activity and current projects going into production. Developing projects that are identical to those already in production serves no purpose, and only creates frustration. Developing relations with a development executive or producer can give you a critical edge in gathering information about projects in development at networks and production companies. Many of the writers at TV Writers Vault have benefited from having their projects reviewed and contact requested by our company member executives with whom they continue to maintain communications with.

Content Development: The detailed development and writing of an idea is the most important factor in establishing "originality" and protection under copyright law. The key to developing a great idea for a TV show is to create a unique approach and content for your show. The concept may tell us the overall situation and result, but the content shows us what happens during the show.

The most common flaw with original concepts is a lack of content description. Most aspiring writers who create a reality TV concept get caught up in the big-picture result of the show, but face the simple yet tough question of many executives asking, "So what are we actually watching?" Yes, the devil is in the details. So take the time to be efficient and inventive with the details of your show, and producers will find it much easier to "see" and hold confidence that your "idea" can actually work.

Monitored Marketing - If finding opportunities to pitch your project to producers and networks is the most difficult part of the sales process, protecting your project is the most important. Follow these industry standards and have confidence in sharing your creations:

  • Pitch established producers and companies.
  • Keep a paper trail of all correspondence.
  • The TV Writers Vault offers electronic proof of review in a live-updated report for your records. Access to the TV Writers Vault is only granted to pre-screened and established industry members (Producers and Executives).
  • Do not make unsolicited pitches or submissions, as the company receiving has no responsibility or obligation to "ideas" they did not ask for, or have not been submitted under pre-established guidelines with the use of an Industry Standard Material Release Form.
  • All production and network members of The TV Writers Vault agree to our standard terms of service and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Protective Resources - It is not mandatory for projects submitted to The TV Writers Vault to be registered at or Library of Congress, but it is highly recommended when beginning broad marketing of an original project.

The most commonly used is a time-stamped registration for proof of creation. You will receive an instant "CV Number" when registering online, and a certificate by email to follow.

Register your original first draft of any project, and keep drafts of each revision thereafter.








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