Frequently Asked Questions

How can I protect my project legally as a writer?
You can register your TV Script or concept at for time-stamped and archived record of your original writing prior to exposure in any marketplace. Keep copy of all submissions or correspondences with any company you come in contact with. Most importantly, don't forget that copyright law only protects the unique expression of any intellectual property, so concentrate on creating original aspects of your show that are not derivative of other shows.

I created a concept for a show, but need assistance in developing and writing the pitch. Can you help me?
We are always open to any questions the current members or non-member writers have regarding the creative development of a specific project. If you are seeking professional guidance or services for the development or writing of your project, please contact Scott Manville, our founder, for advice or services related to the development and marketing of your project. For details of development and writing services, Visit Here.

Can't I just pitch my ideas directly to production companies?
Yes, but it is a general rule among production companies and industry executives to not take unsolicited submissions. The TV Writers Vault acts as a neutral archive where producers may scout projects and writers may submit projects, both under protective guidelines.

Why don't production companies take unsolicited submissions?
In the television industry, more so than film, companies are very protective of their right to develop a variety of concepts within any given genre or theme, and would only be exposing themselves to a potential lawsuit by blindly accepting a submission that may conflict with the content of projects they already have in development. Companies agree to using because writer members agree to the industry standard material release form that clarifies the liability of the production company along with acknowledging there is no binding agreement unless a written option proposal is made. The most attractive aspect of our service to the television industry is that we present an efficient and growing creative source pool for the development executive or producer to review original material for sale.

What are my chances of selling a project using your service?
If you are a writer with limited business relations within the television community the TV Writers Vault can be a valuable marketing tool for gaining real exposure to a significant slate of member companies that are currently buying and producing original projects for television. If you are an established television writer, or a writer who already has representation, our service may provide you with more direct contact with companies who are not familiar with your work, or those you have not yet reached through your current network of contacts. With programming and development of intellectual properties being of a subjective and circumstantial nature we would be misleading to claim that we can guarantee any amount of success for a writers work posted. It is a business of creating the right product in the right way at the right time with the right company finding it. We provide you, the writer, with the most difficult link in that process... the link between your creation and the eyes of an executive scouting new projects to produce.

Do I need an Agent?
Agents have a terrific ability to match projects with players, but are in a position to only give attention to those clients who already have industry status or are currently working as writers, therefore they are best at managing careers, not starting them. For a new writer, the best strategy is to use an entertainment attorney, not an Agent to negotiate and close any deal proposal for a project you have sold. A lawyer won't take 10 percent of your sales in perpetuity as an agent would, and usually charges only a nominal fee that is deducted from any option money earned and perhaps 5% of the deal beyond that. Get your projects out there to the people and places that can bring you offers, and once you receive a legitimate proposal, bring in an entertainment attorney to negotiate and close the deal to your best possible interests. Once you're a working writer with a slate of projects in development, then you'll be in need of an agent, and more importantly, the Agent will need you.

Are the production companies using TV Writers screened for legitimacy?
The TV Writers Vault is an internet based service that is only available to currently active and established production companies and executives within the television community. We personally check all possible public records as well as personally communicate with the subscribing executives upon registration review and during membership. We typically turn down four registrations for every one company that we accept as an industry member. We understand that within the entertainment community there is an abundance of "fringe" unscrupulous types who call themselves producers or make claim to their relations, but in fact have no legitimacy within the working structure of Hollywood. The summit of our goals is to help the TV Writer sell projects to the television industry, therefore we will only build our foundation with reputable and proactive companies.


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