Maryland Man Sells Life Story as Reality TV DocuSeries

The TV Writers Vault congratulates Writer/Member David Howe of Frederick, Maryland on the sale of his docu-style reality series to Buck Productions, Inc. Mr. Howe shares with us some of his experiences at the TV Writers Vault, and the process of selling his tv show concept to Producers. As the Producing company moves to market with the series, details of the project will be shared once it is cleared of current confidentiality restrictions.

From the Interview...
"Live in gratitude for everything you have and will have. Believe that the resources, people, places, events, and money are already in place right now."
Scott Manville: Thanks for taking the time out to chat with us, Dave. First, congratulations on landing a deal with Buck Productions, Inc.  It must be exciting to finally have a production company behind your project.

David Howe: Thanks Scott.  It's a blast so far. The guys at Buck have some really great ideas and I'm sure it will be good working with them. 

SM: I just have a few questions related to your experiences with our service, and the process you�ve been involved in getting your project sold. How instrumental has the TV Writers Vault been in getting connected to Producers?

DH: I don't know that I could have done it without the TV Writers Vault. Your service was instrumental in making the connection.

SM: Would you recommend the TV Writers Vault to others who may have a concept or story to sell to the television industry.

DH: Without question. You just can't get this kind of exposure anywhere else.

SM: Some people just don�t believe its possible. What would you say to the �naysayers�?

DH: Well I would say that I'm proof.  If you have an original idea, that is helpful... but it is certainly possible.  

SM: So what do you do for your day job?

DH: I'm a manager at a tire and auto service center. Very romantic!

SM: Between that and family, how do you find time to work on your projects?

DH: I get a couple days off a week... one day all to myself. This is when I work on that stuff.

SM: Your project and story is so cool, I was thrilled to see it get picked up. I see Buck Productions has done quite a bit of reality programming in Canada. What�s the next step for your project? Is it out to American distributors?

DH: Yes, Buck has some great experience with Reality.  Right now we have some early interest from a few places, and an American distributor.  We really haven't even completed the outline yet, so it seems like it is moving fast.  It was only 4 weeks ago I published my synopsis on TV Writers Vault.

SM: Your life story pitched was extremely unique and humorous in itself. But, you�re also extremely creative. I personally felt the writing you did on the treatment was terrific. Probably one of the best I�ve seen in a while, and very smart in the way that you infused humor into the pitch. Will you continue to formulate concepts, or was this just a one-time stunt since it happened to be based on your life story?

DH: Thanks for the compliment.  I'd like to develop other things, sure.  I think my creativity will increase with a beach house and a Bentley.  So, I need to check those off the list first.

SM: (laughs) I like that. How has it been dealing with the Production company? Good guys?

DH: Real easy. They are excited about the concept and immediately started working on it. Everything seems to be going well.  

SM: Your project is a docu-style reality series that would follow you through some pretty unique experiences. I know this is to be developed more as you would move to production, but once in motion, are you really ready to have your life become a public spectacle? What do you think that experience will be like?

DH: I've thought about this a lot.  It just wouldn't be fair of me to deprive the world of my entertainment value [laughs], this will lead to other work like Dancing with the Stars or Celebrity Rehab. I've always been a bit of a clown, and life is a public spectacle.  But, I guess I can't answer this truthfully until it happens.

SM: [laughing] I can tell you're ready for the tornado. What does your family think about all this?

DH: My family thinks this is all pretty natural for me.  It's like, "well, of course."

SM: Now for a few dry questions; How long were you a member of the TV Writers Vault before getting the proposal from the Production company?

DH: About 5 days.  The first 2 really didn't count because I posted my treatment on a Saturday.
SM: Did you have multiple projects submitted?

DH: I originally thought up a game show type format that really didn't focus on me that much though my other persona would have a role.  I decided to scrap the idea because that's really like a second show idea once viewers know more about me.

SM: In total, how many reviews did you receive from Production Companies at the TV Writers Vault.

DH: I got two reviews from production companies and both put it under consideration a day after reading it.

SM: Once the request for contact with you was made by the Producer, how long was it before you heard from him? For those who haven�t experienced it, what were those first conversations like?

DH:  Yeah, I got an email requesting to do a phone interview with an executive about 2 days after the request for contact.  The conversation was real easy going and laid back.  The first lasted over an hour and we just talked about my story.  That's when they said they wanted to work with me to produce the show. 

SM: What advice or encouragement can you give to others who have yet to break into the industry, and feel they have original concepts and stories that should be produced?

DH: Put it on paper and put it on the TV Writers Vault. I'd just like to add that other writers be positive and think about your project as if you've already made the deal.  Make that feeling as real as possible in your head.  Live in gratitude for everything you have and will have. Believe that the resources, people, places, events and money are all in place right now, and you are living your dream.  

SM: Anything else you�d care to share with others about your experiences with us?

DH: Well, you all are great.  You made this process easy.

SM: Thanks again for using our service, and congratulations on the great things you�re accomplishing. Keep us up to speed!

DH: Will do Scott.  Thanks!

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