In Television, The Title Tells It All

Television is a title driven medium unlike any other. It keys on brand identification for the series, and demands efficiency and effectiveness in delivering the first message of the show to the viewers- the Title. Any great idea for a TV series, especially if you are going to pitch a reality show, game show, or docuseries, must have a great title.

A great title rolls off the tongue easily, provokes the imagination, and simply tells you exactly what you’re going to be watching. In reality programming, "The Amazing Race", "The Apprentice", "Survivor", “Blind Date”, “Temptation Island”, “The Bachelor”, “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire” are all good examples. Most importantly, a title needs to support the concept of the show. If you have a title in mind before you write the synopsis or outline for the show, take a second run at alternative titles after you have developed your show. You may find that the show, after being outlined and developed, has taken on a new theme or concept and there may be a title better suited.

A title projects an idea and provokes a thought process. So have fun, and invest your thought process in creating titles that make a viewer (and a Network) say, "I want to know what that is".

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