Industry Executive Terms of Service

Industry Executive Terms of Service:

I understand that by registering with as an entertainment industry executive, I (the "Company") will be given access to descriptions and certain details pertaining to original material ("Material") created by third-party entities (the "Writers") and that any such material that qualifies as an intellectual property will be proprietary and confidential information that belongs solely to the Writer. I agree that I will not disclose, utilize or otherwise exploit any of the projects or pitches in any way.

I confirm that I am a current executive at the Company name I have registered, and I have the right to source and scout new material as a representative of the Company.

I further acknowledge that any discussions that the Company and Writer may have with respect to the Material shall not constitute any agreement, express or implied, as to any partnership with the Writer or any other involvement with the Material unless and until a bona-fide written agreement is executed by both parties.

I acknowledge and agree that a breach of this Confidentiality Agreement cannot be adequately compensated by damages, and I agree to enforcement of the provisions of this Agreement by injunction or other equitable remedy in addition to all remedies available at law. Furthermore, Company agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, all of it's executives, employees, related companies, associates and agents against any issues of liability or lawsuits resulting from any infringement by Company of any material submitted directly or indirectly by Writers via use or referral of this website.

I understand and agree with User Protocol as outlined for registering member Writers, and will report back to any writers who make unsolicited inquiry regarding information of project statuses shared within the writers project status page. I further understand and agree that by selecting a "Requesting Contact with Writer" status for any project, that the writer's direct contact information will be provided to Company by executives at, and it is Company's sole responsibility and discretion to contact the writer. I understand that if Company does not contact, or make reasonable attempt to contact a writer regarding any "Requesting Contact with Writer" status selection for any specific project, may give that writer the executive's contact information to make personal inquiry. I understand that all project status selections are at the sole discretion of Company executive using database, and it is the Company executive's responsibility to update or change any status as Company desires.

Publicity & Promotion:

I understand and agree that may publish the Company name in any advertising of it's website services to disclose their use of The official name of Company is automatically listed within the publication of it's website Company Members List for view by potential users of the site. This information will be published to the World Wide Web and potentially indexed by search engines.

I understand and agree that retains the right to publicize and promote any partnership, agreement, option, sale, development deal, acquisition, either formal or informal with any member Writer or Entity at the TV Writers Vault that I attain as a result of scouting projects and networking via the TV Writers Vault and its executives. The TV Writers Vault retains the right to disclose the identities of all parties involved, and general project details for use in promoting the interests and brand of the TV Writers Vault as an active industry entity by use of any and all forms of media whether now known or hereafter devised.

I hereby state that I have read and understand this agreement and that no oral representations of any kind have been made to me and that this agreement states our entire understanding. I acknowledge that but for my agreement to the above terms and conditions, you would not permit me to receive the Confidential Information.

By typing "I AGREE" in the space provided within the Industry Executive Registration form, I understand and agree to all terms of use for as outlined above.

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