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Sunday 31 July 2016


                     Visit for time stamped proof-of-creation...

Executives and Companies using The Television Writers Vault to scout projects are all well established, respected within the television producing community, and place a high value on reputation and relations within their community of network executives, producers and writers.  Every company and executive that uses has agreed to our "Confidentiality/Terms of Service" policy.  Member writers may enter the Television Writers Vault using a unique username and password where they are then taken to a PERSONAL PROJECT STATUS PAGE linked to our database that will post LIVE activity of companies reviewing material. Executives viewing material posted with the TV Writers Vault may select statuses "Under Consideration", "Pass", "Requesting Contact with Writer", or "Send Script for Review" as applicable for any projects reviewed. That status is then posted in real time to the specific writers status page under their title listings with date and time of status. We make every attempt to keep the writer "in the know" of all activity regarding their projects.

Additionally, you, the writer, must be very clear on what you are presenting and know the difference between a generic idea and a clearly developed concept for a show.  Vague or generic "Ideas" are not protected by copyright law or even by the Writers Guild of America. It is the specific and unique expression of an original concept that is protected as an "Intellectual Property". Therefore, the more specific and original you are, the more protection you have. 

Anyone who intends on making progress and building relationships in the entertainment industry must understand that success is built on collaboration, and you cannot move forward unless you are willing to expose your creations.  People who are legitimate have no need to steal ideas, as it puts their relationships at risk with everyone related to producing the show if they subject themselves to a potential lawsuit. It's too easy for an executive to keep a relationship open with a writer who can consistently bring them good ideas, rather than risking reputation and relationships for one idea that may or may not come to fruition in the market. With that said, you should only deal with companies and executives that have reputable track records. Also important to know is that we DO NOT allow any writers to search or view our database of titles and concepts. Only industry executives that have been screened.

With the previous detailing how WE protect you as a member of our service, how do you legally protect the show you have created? Time-stamped "Proof of Creation" is necessary to establish third-party validation of your project having been created at a specific time previous to marketing your project. is a web-based archival system where you can upload your original written material to a protected database and in return receive a time-stamped electronic certificate and "CV Number". Your material is then archived in original form and only released as third-party evidence in the event of any legal proceeding or arbitration.

Have a detailed outline of your show that is anywhere from  a half-page to 2 pages in length to ensure your originality. Upon registration with keep the registration certificate in your personal files, and simply type your "CV Number" on your show treatment whenever submitting the project to potential buyers and industry executives. Return to submit your show to the Television Writers Vault and we will return formal confirmation of your materials received.

Save all correspondences with any company that engages you via our services, and include a dated cover letter with any materials submitted via mail or fax. When a company or executive makes an offer to "option" (buy) your show, that's the time to seek the aide of an entertainment attorney. Refer to our "Industry Standard Deals"page for details on what terms to expect with any offer to purchase a project for televised production.

Protective Resources - It is not mandatory for projects submitted to The TV Writers Vault to be registered at the Writers Guild of America or Library of Congress, but it is highly recommended when beginning broad marketing of an original project.

The most commonly used by professionals is the Writers Guild of America time-stamped registration for proof of creation. You will receive an instant WGA Registration number when registering online, and a certificate by mail to follow.

Register your original first draft of any project, and keep drafts of each revision thereafter.

Straight submission of your project to The TV Writers Vault also provides electronic-mailed proof of authorship, as our communications and confirmation of receipt establishes date/time/and draft. To begin your membership and project submission with us, CLICK HERE

 For a more formal, and more expensive form of protection for your intellectual property, you can also apply for a copyright at the Library of Congress, although this is typically used for longform writing (novels, etc.). Click the link below for more information.




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