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                                                                     Pitch A TV Show Idea     How To Sell A TV Show Idea          

Friday 12 February 2016


Creating TV Show "Ideas", and The Pitch That Sells Them...

The TV Writers Vault is the television industry's first website to bring "ideas" from people outside the Hollywood system to production and global broadcast. The single most important aspect of your TV show pitch should be your "Logline". Its the short pitch, the one-liner that tells and sells your show. In addition to having a great title and synopsis, the Logline is the core concept you are pitching Producers who buy projects at the TV Writers Vault. Read some important aspects of creating your pitch below.

A "Logline" is a one or two sentence description that tells the basic premise and purpose of a TV show idea.

Loglines for the sake of pitching a project are similar to a TV Guide description of a show, but more specific in describing the concept of the program. This is the catalyst for increasing the odds of selling a script or idea for a television show.

How do you sell a TV show idea or script? Create a great logline! Developing a good logline can help you in developing a better show, and gives the executive the ammunition and confidence to market your project. It forces you to boil down all of the elements of your TV show and communicate what the viewers will be watching and the specific purpose of the show.

Odds are, if you can't boil your script or idea for a tv show down to a solid 1 or 2 sentences that tells what the show is about, producers will never be attracted to it for development. Developing your logline is also an opportunity to express a very original hook that your show has to separate it from others within the same genre or theme. A great logline should provoke interest and inspire the TV producer to see the potential of the show.

To an executive scouting projects, the TV show logline is perhaps the most important element of the development process. It is the core concept of the show, and is very close to the short pitch a Network markets to the public when promoting a new show. This holds the "idea power" of your project.

The following are examples of could-be loglines for popular television shows:

"Ordinary people face their fears by competing against each other in outrageously devised stunts" - Fear Factor

"A likeable husband's tolerance and marriage is tested by the constant intrusion of his overbearing parents and dim-witted brother" - Everybody Loves Raymond

"Twenty women will court and compete to win the affections of one man who will narrow the selection until he must decide on his one true love." - The Bachelor

"Contestants' general knowledge will be tested when given the answers to questions they must then form." - Jeopardy

"Aspiring singers will compete in a nationwide talent search on live television where they will face the often unfair scrutiny and sarcasm of a panel of judges before one is finally branded the "American Idol", receiving a recording contract." - American Idol

When you've got your great idea for a new TV series worked out, with a killer title, a captivating logline, and a clear synopsis, Pitch It Here. Producers at the TV Writers Vault area always scouting new projects for reality television and other genres.

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